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Do you feel stuck in life, and feel like you've tried everything you know to try?

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I can help you gain the clarity and truth you need to feel empowered, affect change, and gain peace. 

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It has taken a long time to get to where you are today, but it does not have to take any longer to get to your true self. 

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 I see adults who typically come in with anxiety and/or depression for counseling in Nashville. If I had to name just one specialty, it would be anxiety. Most people suffer some form of it at some point in their lives. When left untreated, it can lead to more severe symptoms and a whole host of diagnoses.   There are times in our lives when we feel like things aren't working, but we're not sure what to do. You may feel like you've done everything you know to do, but nothing is changing. This is the time when psychotherapy can be a great alternative to your current patterns of reacting to the world. 

What you can expect

If asked about my theory of choice, it's Cognitive Behavioral. I will talk to you about your beliefs, expectations, and how you experience the world. I'll teach you how to have self acceptance, so you can stop judging yourself. I'll help you learn alternatives to the thought patterns that are not working for you and keep you stuck. We will explore the emotions in which you struggle and what is feeding them, so you can feel empowered to change the things you'd like.  I'm direct, honest, and transparent. I don't leave you in the dark on what I'm thinking and why I ask you the things I do. I will teach you how to live the way you want and to do that without me. That's definitely a challenge that I consider the most important part of working with me as your therapist. 

I will listen to you like therapists do, but I will also help guide you to places of understanding that you may not be able to get to on your own. I help you acknowledge your feelings and uncover what's motivating them. This can affect true change in your life as a result. We can discuss your past and the worries of the future, but your work exists in the present. I will work with you to address the feelings you hold at the moment, so you can learn how to process your feelings without me. You have taken a long time to become the person you are today, but it doesn't have to take any longer to get to your true self. 


My education, employment, and life experiences have given me an array of tools in which to share with my clients. My undergraduate degree is in Psychology with a minor in Math, and my master’s is in Clinical Psychology. I have also spent 12 years working in sales and management for a Fortune 50 company. I know firsthand the stresses we face in a fast-paced work environment and have extensive experience in hiring, staffing, and career development. I am happy to help in those areas of life that cause you strain and am here for career counseling, as well. 

I've been a therapist since changing careers 5 years ago. I got my undergraduate and graduate degrees back in 2000 but took a detour working in sales management for 12 years. Knowing that psychotherapy was always my calling, I left in 2012 and began the process of making the drastic career change. It turns out that my experience in management in a fast-paced, stressful environment called on my therapeutic skills more than I imagined and has helped me work with clients today. 


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Sessions may be held in office, over the phone, over video chat, or during hiking. Depending on your distance from my office, I may also be able to travel to your home or office. Texas residents can take advantage of phone and video sessions. Session cost is $120 per session. 

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